21st. February, 2014.


@  ArtStudio Kelyne Reis
Galeria Regina 2nd floor, 1716 Richmond Av., Houston, TX, 77098.

“50 PAINTINGS, ONE YEAR & A BIRTHDAY” is a one-year project started on February 21st. 2013, day I turned 49.

Following an open call on Facebook, a nice amount of people shared with me their 3-color combination. After one week, 50 of them were randomly selected, and the process of transforming the combinations into paintings (“Petit Embraces”) started.

50 “Petit Embraces” had to be painted till 21st. February 2014, when all of them would be unveiled to the public as a celebration of me turning “a half-century” old/young.

The time of one-year period is concluded, all “Petit Embraces” are finished……….and I am ready to show them to the public, and also to turn 50!

“Making Of the Show”   here

Pictures of the event opening  here

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